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This incredible adventure offers many of our students' favorite activities set in one of the most scenic sections of the California Coast. The course begins as students fly into Los Angeles and then head to the Ventura area. Students choose from a plethora of adventure options over the next two days including: surfing, boogie boarding, swimming, and rock climbing. Then it’s off to the majestic Channel Islands- described by many as the Galapagos of North America. The team has two days to explore this world-renowned marine environment by boat, sea kayak, snorkeling, hiking, and fishing. Students will explore sea caves and kelp forests, and may even encounter the elusive island fox! The course then moves north to the majesty of Moro Bay and Montana de Oro State Park. This region of California is known for its pristine beaches and amazing ocean vistas and will be our playground for the next three days. Swimming, snorkeling, horseback riding, deep sea fishing, hiking, plus viewing seals and sea lions in their native habitat are just a few of the adventure opportunities. The course concludes with a final night and sumptuous feast in the Cambria area before the group returns to Los Angeles.


California Standard

California Standard

Califonria Standard

ADHD Adventure Summer Camp - California Standard surf girlsCalifornia Standard





Quick Facts:

Session I: - 6/22 - 7/1
Session II - 7/6 - 7/15
Session III - 7/20 - 7/29
Session IV - 8/3 - 8/12

Days: 10

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Philosophy: SOAR believes all individuals identified with learning disabilities (LD) and attention deficit disorder (AD/HD) possess inherent talents and gifts. These abilities can mean incredible success in adulthood once these students negotiate the challenging obstacles of childhood, adolescence, and a traditional education system, usually unable to respond to individual learning styles.

Therefore, the SOAR model is based on two fundamental principles. First, youth with LD and AD/HD flourish when they are encouraged to focus on their strengths in an experiential setting. The second principle acknowledges that success can be generalized by encouraging our students to develop and utilize strategies, enabling them to compensate for those challenging characteristics of LD and AD/HD. To this end, SOAR staff strive to ensure success for each student across a wide range of experiences. Such success, in turn, builds essential self-esteem and self-confidence.

Based on these two foundations, SOAR participants develop problem solving skills, effective communication strategies, increased self-awareness, and social skills. Program activities include a broad base of wilderness adventure experiences that empower students to make healthy choices, learn more about themselves, overcome challenges, and establish relevance from these experiences to other aspects of their life.

SOAR's Specialty Courses are open to SOAR alumni and students with the maturity and experience level to be successful on the course. Acceptance is conditional on the approval of the course director. Most specialty courses are led by one of SOAR's year-round staff including Richard Peters, John Willson and Joe Geier.

SOAR’s programs are designed to allow students the opportunity to increase their independence while away from home. Independence is gained through self-motivation and life skills instruction. With this in mind, we involve our students in many decision making processes, such as setting individual goals, developing group guidelines, as well as trip and meal planning. This also comes into consideration when developing SOAR’s communication policy, detailed in our Parent Handbook.

SOAR is dedicated to serving the needs of individuals with learning disabilities (LD) and attention deficit disorder (AD/HD) and is proud to be the finest:

LD Summer Camp and ADD / ADHD Adventure Summer Camp